Compatibility of the Secret Disk Linux cryptographic information protection system (SCZI) with the RED OS operating system is confirmed

Aladdin R.D. and RED SOFT are pleased to announce the successful results of the compatibility tests of their products.

Aladdin R.D., the leading Russian developer and vendor of information security solutions, and RED SOFT, a Russian software developer, announce the completion of compatibility tests of Secret Disk Linux software products with RED OS. Compatibility certificate was signed as a result of the tests, confirming correct joint functioning.

RED OS is a Russian Linux family operating system for servers and workstations, which provides universal environment for the use of application software. The product is certified by FSTEC of Russia (No. 4060 dated January 12, 2019), which confirms its compliance with information security requirements and allows its use in government information systems. RED OS is registered in the Unified Registry of Russian Software and Databases (№ 3751).

Secret Disk Linux is a cryptographic information protection system for Linux family operating systems that protects against unauthorized access to confidential information by using encryption, protects data from leakage when unauthorized persons gain access (service maintenance, loss of PC), and also controls user access to protected information and performs reliable two-factor authentication (2FA) by means of a user key container. Secret Disk Linux uses GOST encryption algorithms, supports user transparency and delimitation of access rights between IT and IS administrators.