RED SOFT took part in the interregional round table on import substitution of software in the Vladimir region

Dec 21, 2016, Vladimir region administration conducted an interregional round table on import substitution of software. It was held by the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko, first Deputy Governor Alexey Konyshev and Vice-Governor Sergey Nevzorov. The event was attended by the russian software developers, heads of authorities of a number of Russian regions and heads of Vladimir region local government institutions, responsible for informatization. RED SOFT participated as a General contractor and developer of GosLinux operating system.
The round table noted the positive results of the pilot project of import substitution and the transfer of the region to the domestic software, in particular on the domestic operating system GosLinux. In December 2016, more than 170 workplaces of local government institutions in Vladimir region were equipped with domestic operating system Goslinux. The round table participants identified problems arising and denoted issues to be solved in the local governments and at the Federal level.