RED SOFT presents RED OS 7.1 MUROM

RED SOFT released version 7.1 MUROM of the operating system RED OS.
The key features of the release are:
  • The most current versions of system libraries and the repository package base;
  • Support for more than 10,000 models of peripheral equipment;
  • The Wayland graphics server, which replaced;
  • Extensions for integration with Microsoft Exchange;
  • Extensions for building a domain infrastructure.

RED OS is a modern russian Linux distributive, based on the RPM-format  package base.

RED OS operating system is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (No. 3751). It fully complies with the requirements of Federal Law No. 188-FZ of June 29, 2015, as well as the Information Security Requirements for operating systems approved by the FSTEC of Russia Order No. 119 of August 19, 2016. This allows the use of RED OS in government information systems up to and including the first class of security and personal data information systems up to the first level of security of personal data inclusive. Currently RED OS passes an assessment of compliance with information security requirements for the protection profile of operating systems of type "A" of the fourth class of IT protection (ИТ.ОС.А4.ПЗ) and in the first quarter of 2018 it is expected to receive a certificate of FSTEC of Russia.

In modern realities of the Russian market, one of the main advantages of the RED OS operating system is its technological independence and sanction tolerance. Exclusive rights to the product belong to the Russian company RED SOFT, which has no foreign beneficiaries.

The local development team provides its own development and assembly infrastructure, which ensures a high level and continuity of maintenance and technical support. Users will receive professional support at all stages of implementing the RED OS.

Release 7.1 «MUROM» is based on the Linux kernel Kernel 4.9 and includes more than 15,000 packages. Two versions of the product are released: "Standard" (with the most recent set of packages) and "Certified" (which has the certificate of FSTEC of Russia).

RED OS distributive includes pre-configured "Server" and "Workstation" configurations. The "Server" configuration has wide functionality and includes:

  • domain controller (FreeIPA);
  • System catalog service server (OpnenLDAP / reOpenLDAP);
  • Shared Services and Printer Sharing Services Server (samba4);
  • server DNS (bind), mail server (postfix);
  • server of virtual private networks (OpenVPN);
  • time synchronization service (ntp);
  • proxy server (squid);
  • tools for building high availability clusters (Pacemaker and Corosync);
  • centralized management of hosts in the domain (puppet);
  • a centralized monitoring system (Zabbix);
  • the virtualization environment (KVM);
  • Terminal Access Server (x2go, xrdp);
  • the messaging server (ejabberd).

The "Workstation" configuration provides the full-functional replacement for Microsoft Windows. It has the following characteristics:

  • desktop shells (Mate and Cinnamon);
  • set of office software (LibreOffice);
  • mail client (Thunderbird);
  • browser (Mozilla FireFox);
  • file managers (Nautilus, Midnight Commander, Double Commander);
  • multimedia tools (Gimp, Totem, SMPlayer).
  • tools for networking support and network management, support for network resources of samba (NetworkManager, telnet, openssh, iptraf, iputils, iptables);
  • messengers (Pidgin, ekiga, jabber);
  • most popular anti-virus tools packages are supported out of-the-box (Kaspersky Endpoint Security and DrWeb);
  • key information management and electronic signature support tools in the graphical interface (token-manager, gostcryptogui, caja-gostcryptogui)
  • Terminal access clients (x2go, OpenNX, Vinagree, Remmina, tigervnc, freerdp).

Version 7.1 includes a number of modifications of tools for working with an electronic signature. Specially developed convenient tool for user  key  information management, the so-called graphical key information manager, was included. In RED OS 7.1, you can use the electronic signature both from the context menu in the graphical interface of the system, and when working in terminal mode.

RED SOFT implements the partner program in several areas and constantly works with manufacturers to establish and confirm the compatibility of products. RED SOFT partners - Russian manufacturers of software and hardware solutions.

RED SOFT partnership program development is aimed at implementing the policy of import substitution, in accordance with the current regulatory framework of the Russian Federation.

More detailed information about the product and the partner program can be requested at