RED SOFT became a member of the Committee on Software Integration in ARPP "Otechestvennyj soft" ("Domestic software" Assn.)

ARPP "Otechestvennyj Soft" created a Committee for the integration of domestic software. The Committee consistes of representatives of 18 companies - leading manufacturers of domestic software, including RED SOFT. The head of the committee is Ivan Panchenko, Deputy General Manager of Postgres Professional.

Among the tasks of the committee is the coordination of software developers, aimed at improving the compatibility of products, creating domestic solutions for specific needs of consumers.

"There is a partner program in RED SOFT, within which we conduct testing for the compatibility of our products with partner products. In particular, we help our colleagues to ensure the functioning of application software developed under Windows, on the RED OS, which reduces costs. Our experience in this direction will allow us to intensify the work of the committee," Rustamov Rustam, deputy general manager of RED SOFT, commented.