Red Document Management Platform and REDGATE are listed in the Russian Software Register

March 29, 2018, the platform for information systems developing "Red Document Management Platform" and the "REDGATE" solution were listed in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia. The "Red Document Management Platform" is classified as a corporate BPM system and is registered under No. 4370 ( Red Document Management Platform is a modern rapid information system development platform based on J2EE technologies. The product is designed to handle documents and other types of content, to store and process them on an enterprise-wide scale, meeting industry-accepted standards for quality, reliability and security. "Red Document Management Platform" supports a single life cycle of information of various types and formats, and can function on any Windows or Linux family operating system that supports the installation of required software components. In addition to full compliance with the needs of the enterprise, it includes ready-to-use standard componetns for the rapid assembly of government information systems. Various options of the user interface facilitate learning and usage of the platform. "REDGATE" is classified as Server application and middleware, Industry-specific information systems, BPM systems, and registred under the number 4312 ( "REDGATE" is a ready-made and constantly updated set of more than 100 different kinds of interaction components within the framework of the Unified System of Interagency Electronic Interaction (SMEW). The software solution allows to fully support functional tasks of interagency electronic interaction when using both the centralized and any degree of the distributed structure of the interaction. Get more detail about RED SOFT products registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases here: